Electric Pole Hit by a Truck
Electric Pole Hit by a Truck

Damage to a Barrier Fence
Damage to a Barrier Fence

Assessing Satellite Equipment
Assessing Satellite Equipment

Damage to the Manara Cliff Cable Car
Damage to the Manara Cliff Cable Car

Fire in an Auto Parts Production Facility
Fire in an Auto Parts Production Facility

Fire in a Leather Production Facility
Fire in a Leather Production Facility


Established in 1980, Berenfeld is one the leading loss adjusting firms in Israel.
The firm's staff has extensive experience in managing claims over 15 years.
The firm's team includes loss adjusters and engineers that are expert in dealing with nature hazards, fires, explores and act, in various industries 
Among our clients are hotels, tourist sites, hospitals, hi-tech companies, industrial facilities: textile, plastic, metal, chemicals and act.
Governmental offices and companies, banks, and leading accounting firms.

Our area of expertise

• Nature hazards - floods, fires, earthquakes, collapse and act...
• Property - fire and loss of profit/BI damages - Fire, flood, chemical explosion, natural hazard, etc.
• Industrial - technical claims - claim adjustments of industrial plant equipment, building, stock, control and
  electrical system, steam boilers, Jet engines, transformers, include loss of profit/BI.
• Loss adjustments of hi-tech industries – hi-tech companies, communication companies, broadcast
  studios, medical equipment, database, etc.
• Third party - damage and liability, product liability, environmental damages. 

Risk Management – Risk Evaluation
• Underwriting Information - Risk & Loss prevention surveys including M.P.L/Top location, third party.
• Risk Surveys - Fire & L.O.P or B.I policies, Naturak hazards, Machinery Breakdown & B.I and spoilage
  of goods, E.E.I & data recovery, C.A.R

• Industries – Valuation of factories for sale by a willing seller to a willing buyer to obtain credit and sale by a
• Industrial Equipment - Valuation and assessments of industrial plants, high-tech companies, Chemical
  plants, Bio-technology companies, hotels, banks, and others industries.
• Electronic Equipment - Valuation of computerized systems, Internet suppliers, Labratories, satellite
  equipment, Clean Room equipment, Semiconductors wafers FAB, Data storage, Robots etc.
• Bank Credit - Valuation of companies for bank's credit.

Claims – highlighted projects
Our firm expertise is with various industries.

• Israel electric corp. - fire damages claim, electric Power Station  "Eshkol" Ashdod Damage's estimate
  60 millions U.S.$.
 Israel electric corp. - manage hundreds cases of equipment damaged by fires, floods, cables and property.
• Textile-ׂ Tefron, (JORDAN) Century- HONG KONG – evaluation of fire damages to building, equipment,
  stock and L.O.P/ B.I.
• Kisyton foods llc - evaluation of fire damages to building, equipment, stock and L.O.P/ B.I.
• Hotels – Dan, Meridien, Club Hotel, Dayan - evaluation of fire, floods and, equipment damages.
• Storms - evaluation of damages to hotels, tourists' sites collapse buildings and factories around the country.
• Tourists' sites Skirmon (Sky site), Massada National Park, Manara Cliff Cable Car, Amazing
–  Eilat, Tower of David - nature hazards - evaluation of floods, earthquakes damages.
• Terror damages - evaluation damages to hotels, tourists' sites' collapse buildings and factories around the
  border with Arabic countries.
• Municipalities – evaluation damages to neighborhoods, buildings, schools and universities caused nature
   azards, floods, and act.
• Infrastructures – roads, brides and railroad – evaluation of damages such as earth's and floods.
• Shopping areas – Azrieli Mall Group, all central stations in ISRAEL – evaluation damages to trade areas,
  property, equipment and L.O.P/ B.I.
• Hi-Tech - Intel, Comsys/Cisco, YES/DBS satellite, Eltek, Bezeq The Israel Telecommunication Corp,
  Netvision –  internet - evaluation damages to property, equipment and L.O.P/ B.I.
• Energy facilities – Enerco Enterprises - power transformers, Green Oil Energy – management fire damages.
• Israel Military Industries ltd (IMI) – explosion of ammunition -evaluation damages to hundreds
  business around  the area.
• Aircraft Crash – Total loss of avionic control system in MIG-21.
• Food industries - Engel, Dganit, Oranim, Kisyton foods llc, Starkist food d'Or ltd, Anvi Zion  - evaluation
  of fire damages to building, equipment, stock and L.O.P/ B.I.

ENERCO designs, manufactures and Evaluation – highlighted projects

• Privatization and share issues – Beit Shemesh Engines, Israel Shipyards, Technoplast, Unitrol,
  Ackerstein Industries, Kadmani Metals, Cable Industries, Zion Cables, etc.
• Industry -  factory assessments – Koor Metals, Rogozin, Galam, Plasson, Agan Chemicals, Ackerstein 
  Industries, Aloni Industries, Ramat Hovav Refuse Site, Edomim Chemicals, Technoplast, Amcor Group, Israel
  Shipyards, Beit Shemesh Engines, Yehuda Pladot, Carmel Carpets, Barkan  Carpets, etc.
• Tourism hotels – Dan Hotel Chain, Carlton, Fattal Group, Atlas, etc., Alligator Farm, Clal Towers –
  Jerusalem, etc.
• Building equipment and contractors – Meitavit Compound – Emek Sara, buildings for hi-tech industry,
  Sybil Industrial Park Compound – Rosh Ha'ayin, Manara Cliff cablecar, Mezada cablecar, Itung Industries,
  Ackerstein Industries.
• Hi-tech Factories – Intel-Kiryat Gat, Elbit Systems, Formula, D.S.P., Yael Software, Clal Systems,
  Bank Hapoalim, Gilat Communications, Gilat Satellite Network, YES-D.B.S, Motiv Technologies, Crystal,
  Scitex, Peptor, Malam Systems, etc.
• I.E.C – accompanying, erection and restorion of the Eshkol Power Station in Ashdod. Current
  accompanying of damages in the Dan, Jerusalem North and Haifa districts.
• Communications – The 2nd TV Channel & Radio Authority – evaluation of the authority's property
  (buildings, computerized systems, broadcasting and receiving equipment), Keshet Broadcasting,
  YES – DBS,  Yediot Aharonot Group, Maariv Group, etc.
• Universities & colleges – Haifa University – evaluation of the entire university's buildings and property,
  Technological Institute – Holon, Tel Aviv University, etc.

Substations up to Current Clients

• Insurance Companies – Sahar, Menorah, Clal, Israel Phoenix, Migdal, Ayalon, ILD, Agricultural Insurance and insurance companies from abroad. 
• Companies – Koor Group, Amcor Group, Kibbutz factories, Ampal Group, Formula Group, Ackerstein  Group, Starkist food d'Or ltd., Tefron etc.
• Government Ministries and companies – Investment Center-Ministry of Finance, Israel Electric Corporation, National Insurance Institute, Institutes
  of Higher Learning (Haifa University, Technological Institute, Holon) etc.
• Banks – Bank Hapoalim, Israel Discount Bank, Bank Igud, United Mizrachi Bank, Israel International Bank, the Continental Bank, the Massad Bank,
  Bank of Israel.
• Hotels – Moriah Hotel Chain, Dan, Carlton, Fattal, etc.
• Accounting Offices – Brightman Almagor, PWC, Ksirer, Shefler, Haft & Haft, Ziv, etc.

CV of the Firm's Partners

Nachman Berenfeld

•  BE in Mechanical Engineering, graduated from Tel Aviv University in 1974, license no. 18929
•  Graduate of:
   •  Non-Destructive Tests course, the Technion
   •  Industrial Risk Forecast course, Tel Aviv University
   •  Advanced Loss Adjusting course in an insurance college in London
   •  Specialized course on damages in computer systems and databases, TELA Insurance, Germany
   •  Training course for senior corporate directors, LAHAV Top Executive School, Tel Aviv University
•  Member of the Israel Association of Academic Property Assessors
•  Member of the Israeli Association of Arson Investigators

Professional Background
Since 1980 – Owns a private engineering and loss adjusting firm.
Specializes in industrial loss adjusting for insurance companies, banks, official receivers, private companies, accounting firms, law firms, courts, and more.
Licensed loss adjuster for governmental companies and ministries, such as the Investment Center, National Insurance Institute, Bank Hapoalim, Israel Electric Corporation, and more.
Senior lecturer at the Insurance College on loss adjusting, loss of profit, and risk management.
1979-1980 – Israel Military Industries, mechanical engineer: Planning, manufacturing, examining costs of aviation and overland projects.
1976-1979 – Ministry of Defense, mechanical engineer and planner of weapon systems for aircraft and groundcraft.

Jakob Wiener

• Graduate of the electricity department, Ort Yad Shapira
• Graduate of the insurance department, Insurance College
• Graduate of a course on loss adjusting opinions in court
• Graduate of the Sports Trainer course, Wingate Institute
• Member of the Israel Association of Academic Property Assessors

ional Background

Since 1988 – Berenfeld International Loss Adjusters, insurance loss adjuster and equipment assessor.
Specializes in industrial loss adjusting, assessing technical damages, loss adjusting and equipment assessing, for insurance companies, financial institutions, industrial companies, governmental institutions, Israel Electric Corporation, and more.

Amir Berenfeld

• BE in Mechanical Engineering, graduated from Tel Aviv University in 1999, specializing in air conditioning and the environment
• Graduate of various courses on communication and satellite equipment during his military service in the Air Force's signal unit
• Awaiting formal admission to the Israel Association of Academic Property Assessors

Professional Background
Since 1999 – Partner, Berenfeld International Loss Adjusters.
Since 1993 – Berenfeld International Loss Adjusters, loss adjuster and damage assessor.
Military service – As part of his service, he has worked with aerial communication systems, encoding equipment, satellite systems, and more.
Specializes in industrial loss adjusting for insurance companies, banks, official receivers, accompanying technological projects, communication, satellite equipment, aircraft damages, wastewater management facilities, the environment, and more.



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